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These are one of the most aromatic varieties of mangoes available on this planet. Chaunsa Mango is comparatively less fibrous and juicier. These mangoes have a high nutritive value, wider adaptability and enormous viability. AA Pulp & Puree produces mango pulp to meet the bulk industrial requirements of local and international clients. The smooth skinned Chaunsa mangoes, because of having a great aroma, right sweetness and high pulp content, are considered the best for use in the food processing industry.

As mango pulp manufacturer of high quality from Pakistan, we offer Chaunsa mango pulp and puree in natural form. Most scientific methods are used for harvesting, ripening and processing fresh mangoes. Once the pulping process is complete, the bright yellow homogeneous Chaunsa mango pulp is checked for quality and hygienically packed into aseptic bags. The mango puree obtained is free from any cooked or added flavor of any kind.

Our mango pulp is highly sought-after commodity because of its ready-to-use utility in food processing industry for making mango juice, nectars, mango based drinks, marmalades, jams, fruit cheese, mango ice-cream, dessert, puddings, bakery fillings, baby foods, flavors, yoghurt and confectionery.



PHYSICO CHEMICAL Approximate Average Values
Percentage Total solids (°Brix) Min 20°
pH (20°C) 3.6-3.9
Acidity % (Citric Acid) 0.70% - 0.90%
Bric Acid Ratio 25-40
Density 0.95--1.08 g/ml
Consistency 5000--6500 cP
Total Plate Count (cfu) <10/g
Yeast and Mod (cfu) <10 /g
Coliform(cfu) Negative
E.Coliform. Negative
Salmonella(cfu) Nil/25 g
Color Bright Yellow
Aroma Typical of Mango Fruit
Flavor Typical of Mango Fruit
Packing 210 kg Aseptic Bag in steel drum
Storage temperature 4 ºC - 8 ºC: 24 months
Storage temperature±20 ºC: 12 months

Botanical Name: Mangifera indica

Key Vitamins: vitamins A and C. Folate, B6, iron, calcium, zinc and vitamin E. Mangoes are a good source of antioxidants

Health Benefits:


  • Mango pulp/fruit is rich in antioxidants which plays a major role in improving our eye health and prevents us from macular degeneration.
  • This variety of mango is the rich source of Vitamin A which improves hair health and helps the skin to produce an oily substance that moisturizes the hair.
  • The extracted mango pulp contains vitamin C that helps in the production of collagen which provides structure to the hair and skin
  • The fiber content present in the mango keeps the arteries working which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease.

Mangoes are also rich in Vitamin K and B which helps to improve your immunity power.

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